Friday, 18 August 2017

Heidi Swapp Is helping my Arty Journey

Howdy Bloggers , Lisa here with a Friday Mixed Media update ..
whoops crazy morning so I am a little late at posting. 
But today I'm sharing the fun that has been happening on my table over the last few days .
I have a new fav photo journal atm.
 Still a passionate scrapper , but wanting to art journal ,
 sometimes I am in conflict about which creative avenue to take,
 this little Heidi Swapp Photo Journal of fun provides me with both those options
 and I absolutely love that.
Retreat Photos have become the focus of this little 21 pg journal , I have so many , and although I would love to do each photo 12x12 justice , its extremely hard to get to them all. I could do the project life thing, but Its not really me .. so this little baby , has allowed me some quick colourful scrappy arty fun. *oh and you get some clear stickers in the journal to add to your work

 I have kept things simple and fun, 
  stickers and a few pens 

Journalling about each photo experience and memory has added to the importance of the journal.

 I have used cards from past retreats as extra journalling and colour pops
(thanks Anita for always making stuff bright )

 I dug out lots of old embellies to add fun and detail.. cutting people from photos, and layering them over other elements, gives you a little depth to your piece
 sorry peg , got some paint on ya face x

 Colour can change the mood and feel to any piece ,
 so experiment with different combos , 
and enjoy the process

use those old stickers with new ones to give new life to your journalling style 

For me the most important thing about creating , is to have fun.. 
 Now lets see if this video works,I have never really had blogger vid success, but I'm an optomist.
Not looking likely , but if you want to see this video, go here 

Thanks so much for dropping by .
 See you next week for a mixed media update .

Lisa xx


  1. You freakin rock, that album is so fabulous, I could never have imagined this when I saw it plain in the shop! Make sure you hide it when I come to visit or it might just end up in my bag!

  2. I love it!I've started doing this

  3. That is such a cool journal, and I also feel blessed that Gaye helped make your SA trip happen. She is a real treasure, that Gaye Fuller!!! As are you Lisa O! xx

  4. I want one too, love your work what an awesome journal

  5. Unreal Lisa definitely inspired me to create my own!