Wednesday, 18 March 2020

"Amanda's Artistic Adventures"; Art by Marlene Tag Journal, by Amanda Hartmann

Hi everyone,

I have been busy working on this little project for the last couple of weeks. I started with one the awesome, ready-to-go Tag Journal kit, from Art by Marlene. These are so much fun! I am not a confident art journaler, so this tag kit really let me explore my arty side (away from my usual scrap pages). If you are not sure, then give it a go! ;)

I started the project with the idea that I could create different art projects, whilst showcasing ALL the colours of my Dina Wakley Acrylic Paints. I have been collecting these little bottles for the past few months. I had not used every colour. So I made sure that every colour was used and documented in my Tag Journal. Now I can use my Tag Journal as colour swatches when I am trying to match colours.

I am going to share each page of my journal. For each page, I will let you know what products I used, and what colours in the Dina Wakley acrylic paints I used. If there is anything else you want to know, please leave me a comment and I will try to let you know.

On every page, I also used my posca pens extensively - both black and white - to highlight images, doodle and write paint colours.

I also used my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher to staple some of the ribbons to the tag. Most of my ribbons and laces were white - I also used my DW paints to colour these.

Dina Wakley Colours used: Lemon, Peacock, Lime, Carnation and Rosy
Products used: Art by Marlene Tissue Paper girl and Sticker quotes

I gesso'd the front first, then used a watered down mix of Lemon, Peacock and Lime for the colour in my background. The highlight is the Tissue Paper girl - skin painted Carnation and hair painted Rosy. I also included Art by Marlene sticker quotes.

Dina Wakley Colours used: Magenta, Eggplant, Minerals and Medieval.
Stencils used: Dina Wakley stencils: Scales, Scribbly faces.
Products used: Art by Marlene Sticker quotes.

Sponged paint through stencils - plus doodling and stamping and swiping and splattering!!!!

Dina Wakley Colours used: Lime, Ocean, Lemon and Sky
Products used: Art by Marlene Sticker quotes.

I just simply drew circles to create this page! Plus doodling and stamping and splattering!

Dina Wakley Colours used: Fuchsia, Cheddar, Ancient, Night, Evergreen.
Products used: Art by Marlene Sticker quotes, Tissue paper houses

I fussy cut the tissue paper houses (and trees and sign post) and used gel medium to stick to the page. Then painted the different elements. Added doodling, stamping and splattering too!

Dina Wakley Colours used: Peacock and Sedona
Product used: Art by Marlene Mariposa stamps, Sticker quotes.

Lots of layers to this page - mainly because the original design went brown and yucky. In the end, I painted the whole page with Gesso and painted and splattered the colour over everything. I love the butterfly - stamped and painted.

Dina Wakley Colours used: Apricot, Penny, Turquoise and Marine.
Products used: Art by Marlene Sticker quotes, Tissue paper girl, Tissue paper stars (from houses sheet).

Another Tissue Paper girl - fussy cut and stuck to the page with gel medium. I painted her face, Apricot and her hair, Penny. I used blobs of the Penny paint to add some texture to her hair. Some stamping was added too.

Dina Wakley Colours used: Heather, Olive and Sterling (highlights later with Evergreen and Carnation)
Stencils used: Art by Marlene Stencil - Mask 4.
Product used: Art by Marlene Sticker quotes, Tissue Paper House (and stars), Book paper.

I painted the page with Heather paint and then used a baby wipe to wipe back the colour through the Art by Marlene mask. I added the tissue paper house also. I finished with book paper, stamping, doodling and splattering!

Dina Wakley Colours used: Tangerine, Lime, Ruby, Lemon, Magenta, Sky, Blackberry, and a spray of Dina Wakley Gloss Spray in White.
Product used: Art by Marlene Mariposa stamps

I ruled lines for my rainbow sunburst and painted each segment with different DW colours to create a rainbow! I used the Mariposa stamps - adding 3 butterflies to the page. Stamping and doodling too!

Dina Wakley Colours used: Buff, Carnation, Turquoise, and a splatter of Dina Wakley Gloss Spray in Fuchsia.
Product used: Jane Davenport Washi GirlArt by Marlene Sticker quotes

I painted the background with Buff and then used Carnation paint through a floral stencil. Added some more colour and the lovely fussy cut Jane Davenport girl.

Dina Wakley Colours used: Sand, Umber and Lapis
Product used: Art by Marlene Sticker quotes, Book paper

Darker colours to create the background - with Sand and then Umber sponged through the stencil, and around the edges. Some colour added with the awesome blue Lapis colour. Finished with doodling, stamping and splattering!

Dina Wakley Colours used: Aloe, Blushing and Gilt
Product used: Art by Marlene Sticker quotes, Tissue Paper girl

Base coat of Aloe to start this page, then added the fussy cut tissue paper girl. Painted with Blushing (watered down) for her skin and Gilt for her hair. Finished with stamping and splattering.


THAT'S IT! What a big share today! But so excited to share this Tag journal.
What do you think?


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Stencil - Mask 4

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