Sunday, 28 June 2020

Solidifying my Creative Style By Lisa Oxley

Howdy Bloggers, Lisa here with a Scrapping Clearly Sunday Mixed media update.

With only 17 days till the end of the #100dayproject, I sometimes think I am running low on ideas.
Then I go back to look over my work and I am feeling more happy and connected to the flow of my own creativity. the #100dayproject has once again helped me solidify my own creative style.

"The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be"
Day 66

Be Yourself ,Stay Weird
Day 68

"Art Is Too Important Not To Share"
Day 70

"Different Is Good"
Day 71

"Queen of the Evening"
Day 82

Basic products used throughout this 2020 #100dayproject

Thnaks for dropping by today, Ill be back very soon with a #100day round up.

Lisa xxx


  1. Fabulous pieces Lisa - you always manage to inspire me to get to the art room

  2. Awesome! I found your other blog through Lifebook but this one looks more recent! Love the 100 day project!