Monday, 11 May 2020

The Green Lady

Morning Peeps

I hope you  had a lovely Mother's Day full of love and family.

Sorry I am a bit late this morning but I was finishing off my lady. I am still wondering if she needs something else but I will ponder on that for a bit and maybe add to her later.

You would have seen her in the raw at the cyber crop. I have been procrastinating about what colours to do her. Then this weeks challenge popped up and I went OH YEAH.

So the first thing you need to do after you have glued down all your bits and let it dry is cover with black or white gesso. I chose black for this project. Don't freak out and think you have wrecked it. LOL.

I ordered some of the new Dina Wakely acrylic spray paints this week so I took the lime green one for a test ride. I usually use Lindy's spray but I thought why not. Now I only use a spray to get into the hard spots under all the layers that you can't reach with a brush. Let it dry completely before adding any more colour.

These colours are wonderfully vivid. I added some of the lemon as well but forgot to take a photo.

I then started with the alchemy paints. I chose Fresh orange and Brass hardware to start to bring in some shadow.

I used emerald green and dark forest for my deep green tones.

I then added a couple of lighter shades of green to blend into the background.

I used about 3 shades of opal magic paints too next to add some contrast and extra shine.... green/gold, violet/green and blue/gold

I used the white pearl on her lips and lined with the emaeral green and also on her eyes.

I brought some of the pure sunshine in at the end to give more of the yellow gold tones as in the challenge picture.

Thank you for looking

Happy Creating.

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