Sunday, 31 July 2016

Marquee LOVE! - by Chloe

Opening my DT kit this time was super exciting ... there was a Marquee Love Letter!!  Mine is the "N" ....

Marquee Love Kits Include:
1 DIY 8″ Tall Marquee Letter or Iconic Shape
1 LED Light Strand with on/off Battery Switch (2 AAA batteries not included)
Clear Bulb Caps (qty varies per letter or shape)
1 Tracing Template
I wondered for a while how to decorate this lovely piece .. and make it as beautiful as it deserves ... should I paint it?  Glitter it? Washi tape it?

Finally, I decided to use a piece of the gorgeous Maggie Holmes Bloom collection ... and utilise the tracing template to cut out a pretty background.

So simple!  The best thing about it is ,I can easily change the background.  Putting the bulb caps in was super easy too - then it was just a case of slipping the little lights in the back and flip the switch!

I thought it needed a little more, so I wound some flowers around some of the bulbs ... I think it looks very pretty and girly!

Thanks for visiting the blog here today :)

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