Monday, 2 December 2019

Mixed media Canvas

For those that could not make it to the "Art is Life" weekend this is one of the projects that we completed.

1.    Using your stencil, palette knife and light and fluffy add texture to your background and let dry.

12.    Add chipboard to background, some crochet pieces and buttons. Do a layer of white gesso over them and let dry.

1.    Paint your wings with white gesso let dry. Seal your photo with matt gel medium let dry.
2.    Plan position of your photo but do not glue down yet. Add your leaves, flowers, book plate and butterflies. Paint white gesso over them and let dry. Cut your medical gauze into 3 pieces roughly and distress a little by pulling it apart.
Add some glass beads or art rocks into your gaps if you like.

Colour your background before you add your photo using Lindy’s sprays to get into the nooks and crannies. It doesn’t need to be perfect coverage but it is hard to get in behind the photo after you glue it down.

    Step 1 dry brush emerald green around focal areas to create a shadow
Step 2. Using the same brush- dry brush rich turquoise all over the rest of your project.

Step3. Change paint brush – dry brush olive green
Steam punk copper
Lime peel
Pure sunshine
Royal red
Let dry

1.    Highlight background texture with old silver metallique wax and a soft stipple brush.

Finnabair Mechanicals
Metallique paints and waxes
Thanks for looking.
Happy crafting.

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