Sunday, 11 April 2021

Bust Out your Colouring Books. Art Journal fun with Lisa Oxley

Howdy Bloggers, Lisa here with a Scrapping Clearly Sunday mixed media update.
Today I'm sharing a couple of pieces from my #100dayproject2021, with which I have busted out a rogue colouring book(I do not colour in), and found a few things to use on my pages.

Lets check it out...
Obviously the feather and the main focal point has added 
wonderful flow and drama to this piece.

It is really quite easy to find a simple image, add colour and create drama. 

Have I tweaked your creative interest?

Do you have a colouring book laying around the house?.... Go Find It!

For this piece below, the circle elements are cut directly from the colouring book page, and a section of gold leaf to add a sparkle to background detail.

Both of these pieces are over on my YOU TUBE channel,
 if you would like to see how I have put them together.

I hope you are inspired to try adding a little colouring book magic into your journal pages.

Ill be back soon with another Scrapping Clearly Sunday update.
Thanks for dropping by.

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