Sunday, 9 February 2020

Out Of Limitations Comes Creativity- with Lisa Oxley

Howdy Bloggers, Lisa here with a Scrapping Clearly update.

I've been a little creatively distracted, and while although still creating occasionally, it's all a little safe and predictable...sorry it's the head space, work concerns, loss in the family, sometimes these things compound ones life and one must try and over come. For me that is at my creative space, and at the moment I am giving myself permission to "do something or not do anything", It's therapy, slow moving, but still my therapy.

Here is a few of the items I have used to throw this page together.
White out Correction pen

Here's a video to share my process.

Thanks so much for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly blog today,
 I'll be back very soon with a new update.

Lisa xx

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