Sunday, 6 December 2020

When you mojo is low, it's time to just play- Art Journal with Lisa Oxley

Howdy Bloggers, Lisa here with a Sunday Scrapping Clearly mixed media update ......
and yes yes, I've been awol.
Away on holidays, new creative commitments and the festive work season is upon us.
This combination has me somewhat creatively all over the shop.
For the time being I've stepped away from recording the majority of my work to just have some down time and enjoy the flow of creativity and play. 
I can also be working on 3 journals on the table, and sometimes I'm just winging it.

Today I am sharing a few pieces from my downtime funk.
Props to Dina and her supplies for allowing for easy flow.

I like to keep it real, as far as journalling is concerned.

Thanks a bunch for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly blog today,

 I'll be back before Christmas with a little creative festive cheer just for you ..xx

 Lisa xx

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