Thursday, 30 January 2020

Travellers Notebooks - With Karyn Schultz!

Hi Scrapping Clearly Lovelies!!

It's Karyn here, and today I have some pages in my Travellers Notebook to share with you made using one of the Arts Inc. Travel Journal available in the Scrapping Clearly Store.

These journals measure 21cmx12cm. Inside are 4 notebooks: blank white, grid square, grid dot and Kraft paper. There are also some plastic pocket sleeves for holding cards and ephemera, and a plastic zip section for sticker storage. 

Each book also has a 12-page starter sticker pack with Vintage travel images, borders and postal stamps.  

I've always been interested in lists. I love writing "to-do" lists for each day and week - it helps to keep me organised. I also wanted to document more of my life and my thoughts and interests. So this year I plan to record a list every day. These lists will vary from foods I like, to movies, to books I've read, a "currently" list for each month, etc. Some lists will be repeated monthly, some will be a one of and others I will add to throughout the year. 

To organise myself, and make the list writing a fun and quick process that I can spend 15-20mins on each day, I've collected some basics to use.  

I've started using the "grid dot" notebook. At the top of each page I put the date. What I actually did was to put all the dates in for the whole month of January. Then I put titles for the lists on a few pages. I find that I write 4-6 titles on various pages on one day and possible even start them all, then add to them on other days.  

I also created a few fun tags to use as bookmarks, and to also make it look pretty!  

I used the stickers in the starter pack to embellish each page. I also do this for a few pages at a time. This saves me time and gives me thinking space for my lists when I have brain blank lol.   

This shows an example of some foundation pages of dates, stamps and stickers before a list title is added.  

I really hope I can keep this up for the whole year. My aim is to keep it fun, simple and achievable, and these travellers journals are perfect for this project.

Thanks so much for stopping by

Crafty Hugs xx

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