Monday, 6 January 2020

Collage style Canvas

Morning Peeps,

This is a canvas I was lucky enough to teach to some beautiful ladies recently.
I thought I would put the step by step here for you to see the process.
Many of you would of done a similiar style at Art is Life. This is just taking it up a notch.

To start with I took a foam stamp and some black archival ink and added some script to the canvas.
I then added some 3D gel transparent with a palette knife and added some peaks by lifting the knife up and down over the paste.


After your gel has dried glue done all your elements. I also filled in any gaps with glass beads or art stones.
Below is a list of some of the goodies that can used in this process.


When your glue is dry cover your collage pieces with white or black gesso. You can see I left some of the script background uncovered to show through. I also left the butterfly alone as I was basing my colour choices around its tone.


Once your gesso is dry (I know lot's of drying time)
start your painting process. I usually pick about 3 of the same tone of colour light,medium and dark. The dark goes closest to the focal to add shadow and blend out to the edges with the medium to light.


If I start with a cool colour tone I then go in and highlight with some warm tones.


Then let the colour begin. I keep adding and highligthing until I am happy with the look.
If at any time you feel it has got away from you and it just doesn't work. Let it dry add gesso over the mistake, let dry and colour again.
Once everything is dry if you feel it needs a little detail add some metalique wax lightly over some of your details. I love the white gold and antique silver for this.

Hope this inspires you to have a go at collaging all your treasures.

Thanks for looking.


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