Friday, 27 April 2018

Muse Alert : Jane Davenport

Howdy Bloggers,
Lisa here with a Friday Mixed Media update.

It's the end of my weekend and it's been an interesting few days of creativity.
It's hard when all you want to do is create,
 but your body is talking to you in aches and pains and insisting you slow down.

Thank the universe for the creative goddess that is Jane Davenport.
Jane is my Muse, my Enabler, and my Saviour.

When I am limited in different ways (time or physically)
and still have/want to create something quick,
 it seems like there is a radiant light that shines down on the few Jane products that I have.
Angels start singing, well mermaids actually, 
 and they beg me to use them.

Here is the true beauty of Jane's products,
I know that anything I create with her pieces as a focal point 
will be bold, beautiful, and utterly amazing.


Don't Give Up

Set Your Soul on Fire, Every Day.

The Washi Page

No video for this one unfortunately.

a little background stamping and a title stamp..

a simple page without effort.

Thanks for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly blog today,
 have a super creative weekend and get arty.
Lisa xx

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