Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Inspired Art Journal with Em

Howdy SC family! 
Great to be here today with an Journal page I have created. 
This piece of ‘art’ was heavily inspired by so many who are journaling at the moment. 
Ie: Lisa Oxley & Peg Hewitt
And my awesome friend and fellow scrapper Tammy
If it wasn’t for these creative souls I probably wouldn’t push myself into this art form. 

I used lots of acrylics, mostly Dylusions and Dina Wakley in an assortment of colours. 
And you can see my process (and hear my voice 😮) in a little video linked at the end of my post. 

Something that I do love is the texture that can be created. 
To add to that texture I used Scribble sticks around some of my images to make them more defined. 

For my ‘face’ I used a Kinder Kreations eyes stencil
They work instantly and perfectly! 
I really loved how they turned out. 

The flowers in her hair were made firstly by stamping a Darkroom Door stamp. 
But the colour was used by more Dylusion paints. 

I had never thought of using liquid paper pen until I saw Lisa using one and I thought that was such a brilliant idea. It’s sometimes hard to get a white Texta or pen that will work on paint. And I’m totally in love with the concept. 

I also love that I can ‘play’ on my pages, squiggles, doodles, paint, stamp, splats, anything goes! 
Ahh, it’s so liberating!! 

Here is my video 😊

Have you tried this form of art yet? 
I totally recommend it!
I’m going to keep an eye out for your creations! 

I’ll catch you all very soon. 

Em. Xx