Sunday, 15 April 2018

{Remembering Luke}

Morning to all our SC blog followers,
I hope you have all had a great weekend and have found some time to fit in some creating over the past few days. When loading this to the blog I was sitting listening to the rain on my roof which was so nice, we have not had rain for so long it's very refreshing to finally have some.

Today I am sharing with you all an Art Journal I am creating for my family members, including my niece and nephew, which shares a story about my brother, a son, a partner and a father... A story which will be shared with future generations of my family, honouring my gorgeous brother whom I miss every single day.

This journal will share photos and cherished memories of my gorgeous brother, 38 years of wonderful memories and stories that our family will cherish forever. I have only created a few pages, and yes it is hard, but some days it's good for my soul so I will continue to create and share his story so those he has left behind can always remember just how special, talented, creative, and loving he was.

Here is a link to Scrappingclearly's Youtube page where you can see visually what I am creating.....

Remembering Luke

I hope my post inspires you to create your own journal, and to record the precious memories and photographs. Create not only for yourself but for your family, and theirs, xxxxxx.

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