Monday, 3 June 2019

Water Colour effect

Today we are playing with Ken Oliver's Color Burst pigment powders.
I wanted to achieve a soft water colour effect. This is where the June mood board took me.

I took a 12x12 piece of water colour paper, spritzed some water across the centre and very carefully added only a few specks of the orchid and violet colours.

I then used a heat tool to dry it off. Be aware though, once water or a wet medium is added it will react again even after it is dry.

I spritzed more water above and below the middle colours and added some of the glimmer mist with a pipette (not sprayed) for more control.
I then dried this off too. With a fine paint brush I added some of the black color burst powder which I mixed with water on my craft sheet first.

I just gathered some co ordinating pattern paper scraps, medical guaze, charms and paper flowers to use for my photo focal.

Have fun Playing with your art this month.
Thanks for looking

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