Friday, 9 September 2016


Howdy Bloggers , Lisa here, with a Moody Friday Mixed Media blog post .
I've been inspired again. Instagram Inspired , by some amazing artists
There is so much daily ,up to date inspiration, its too much for this creative mind to cope with and
after working and focusing all week on work,sometimes when its hard to find instant flow when you sit down at your art table, ones time is limited and Instagram always gives me a punch in the arm,and gets my mojo flowing.On one particular day @evinpar came up on my search feed
This piece below is by the amazing TYLER EVIN
go add him and check his site...incredible  
 As you can gather,I am no fine artist , and I am a little stuck in the forward face "jane/willowing thing".So, I like to give myself a little personal challenge and there is just so much emotion within Tylers' piece,I thought I'd give it a crack. Alas,my practice was drawn straight down on my art table, which is covered by larger sheets of white poster paper. I don't know why I do this , because the free flowing "dont care,couldn't give a shit, its just practice " piece is always the best .

So I ripped it off my art table and using Matt Medium, I pasted that baby right into my Art Journal 
 But not before I attempted to give it a colour spin..... 
Well I do understand the mood that Black/white and grey paintings achieve , 
but that so ain't me at all. so I had to give it a bash
 For these pieces I have used 
 How does inspiration strike you?, do you go hunting somewhere special ?.I'd love to know!
 Thanks for dropping by the blog , see you next week .
Lisa xxx

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