Friday, 2 September 2016

I Love Today

Howdy Bloggers, Lisa Here,with a quick Mixed media post .
I love today. its my only day off this week and I am back to it first thing tomorrow morning.
Just one day to get creative and complete a few deadline pieces .Lucky I don't take a day to complete a page, otherwise I think I would just sleep all day.
Now ,get me to my art table.........Stat!
I feel incredibly lucky to be able to travel around the country and teach at various retreats and arty establishments, but the joy comes from connecting with the creative folk who share my passion and excitement for creative time.
This layout celebrates one of those times.
I dont want to fuss to much over pieces rather ,just get something done.
Using simple elements ,one can create a fun freestyle piece, Bazzill marshmellow cardstock, a little acrylic paint, some stamping and doodling,a few chippy elements, washi tape(love this thicker tape) and this baby fell together.
Do you have a simple process to complete your pieces quickly? or is it just me who feels like that bash out layouts just to get something done.?
Thanks for dropping by , see you next week.
Lisa xx

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