Friday, 6 May 2016

These Brushes Give Good Head

Sorry,couldn't help but be a little cheeky, Lisa Here,with a Friday Blog update
How how amazing are these double ended magic tools. Haa..
Ok ,OK ,enough with the innuendo :)
I Love these paint texture tools. Finnabair, Art Basics  double sided texture brushes..
They have opened up a new world of textural arty fun .
Here's how I used them .
I simply Gesso'd the page and using the folk like tool I pulled it across the wet paint .
I then drew a quick quirky head , and using the brush I painted in the face using Ceramcoat and Dylusions paint 

the inspiration at the table was flowing over to me, :) x

 More light layers of paint and then some detail with a little Posca Paint Pen.

 I always like to finish with a few words from my arty soul.

"When you look at the Big Picture. Colours Speak all Languages ."

Thanks for dropping by the Blog, See you Next Week . :) 

Lisa xx


  1. Awesome post Lisa - thanks for sharing just how great these brushes really are one of my favourite arty utensils �� ATM !

  2. Looks fab hon, yep I love these brushes xx