Friday, 13 May 2016

Mothers Day Inspiration

 Morning Bloggers 
Lisa Here with a Mixed Media Friday update .
Inspired by my gorgeous flowers I received for Mothers Day,and my lack of actual time in the last 2 weeks to really create anything new, I set myself a challenge on my 1st day of my weekend to try and learn something new.,So i watched a couple of quick You Tube Videos to get some basic ideas and then went into my art journal and created a few different pieces .
Here is my 3rd attempt at a bowl of flowers .
I kept the colours similar to the background, and added circles and shapes representative of flowers
(remember I'm no fine artist so I'm thinking abstract realism here)
I used 2 colours, then added highlight points on each flower with the opposite paint colour.., then a little white in there too.. finally a little black magic pencil,to add more detail.I did this all while the paint was wet , then I allowed drying time.
I used a mix of different paints  from Kylies fab range of mixed media goodness.
 time for some dramatic contrast and a splash of blue against 
those gorgeous reds and oranges 
same principle,with a little paynes grey added to the blue for shadow.
 A little negative space painting and I painted in the vase,
and added a little more detail for using extra layers of paint and working with light points 
(still lots to learn here) But I really just didn't want to fuss all over these pieces,because practice makes perfect and I wanted to bash out a few to get a little control and confidence.
More colour with some folage ,and a little magic pencil
 Then I tried it again
And Again
and after a day of about 6  different pieces
I created this :) :) :) 

Did you know I have a Red Bubble Account , which means you can get different items with my creative goodness on it ..
this beautiful colourful piece of art above can be purchase on various items like Phone covers, tote bags, travel mugs and hardcover journals .
Defs go check  Scrapwitchs Floral Fetish out .
Thanks for dropping by. see you next week , I hope your inspired to paint some Blooms soon.
Comments much appreciated.
Lisa  xx


  1. Fantastic, love your new floral direction!

  2. Fantastic, love your new floral direction!

  3. Love seeing each painting evolve. Beautiful work Lisa :)