Monday, 23 May 2016

Dear Lizzy Love by Lauren Hender

When I saw the new Dear Lizzy range I knew I had to have it! Check out this beautiful paper below... isn't it fabulous. So fabulous that my little girl had to be on it.

A tip when using busy background paper have a photo that stands out. Most of the time I use a black and white photo but on this layout I thought the colour tones of this photo matched perfectly.

Manor House make beautiful mesh/lace flowers. I loved the colour pink of one of the flowers and so operation pull apart commenced making a beautiful edge to help define the photo.

And my last tip is don't be frightened to freestyle and add a little extra to the background. Here I added some squiggles and with a glitter pen and white paint pen. 

Be Brave and create!
Lauren xx 


  1. Lauren I adore this layout the photo matches perfectly with that fun paper xxx