Sunday, 27 September 2020

The Painted Paper Project - Mixed media fun with Lisa Oxley


Howdy Bloggers, Lisa here with a Scrapping Clearly update.

I've been playing with Watercolours. Yeah not my usual bag of tricks but quick and easy when your energy level is zero, but you still want to create something.

Inspiration again from Instagram, the awesome Rae Missigman and #thepaintedpaperproject.

 Go hunt it out if have a little spare time and you are feeling inspired.

Heres a few of the pieces I have made.

Here's one of the layouts I have created using a few of the abstract flowers.

I created this.

Plus a few bits and pieces from Scrapping Clearly like,

Thanks for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly Blog today.
Ill be back very soon with a new SC mixed media update.

Lisa xx


  1. that is epic - love it Lisa - you will make your friend cry with the beauty in that album

  2. Love this Lisa and Love that you talk through it, lovely to hear you talk about what you have created xox