Sunday, 26 July 2020

Landscapes, Lakes, Lightning and a Lady. Art Journal with Lisa Oxley

Salutaions Scrapping Clearly Devotees.
Lisa here with a lazy Sunday mixed media arty update.
I've been attempting Landscapes again, and definately need more practise, but I am really enjoying something different after the flow of the #100dayproject, and a little challenging too.
Since finishing the project, its been lovely to just create for fun and to experiment again.

The power of simple acrylic paint,  and a stabilo pencil allows one to play and have fun, 
make mistakes, enhance concepts and illuminate ideas.

A piece below is inspired by this page here.

I recently came in to possession of this amazing colourful image of a woman wearing a steampunk style face mask, and considering the climate we currently find ourselves, I really couldnt help but get it into my journal. 
Theres a Video, the 1st since the #100days.. :)

Thanks a bunch for dropping by the SC blog today, 
I do hope you get time to create and be arty.
I'll be back, Hmmm before yoiu know it.

Lisa xxx


  1. So awesome once agin Lisa! I love that you're spreading your wings into landscapes. You're much braver than me!