Sunday, 8 September 2019

Dura-lar(Love)- An Art Journal Page with Lisa Oxley

Howdy folks, Lisa here with a Scrapping Clearly Mixed Media update.
Alert Alert
I have a new substrate love ..and its plastic.
Now there are 2 types.
One Matte.. and we all love anything Matte right ..
it has a matte translucency to it so its not clear, its almost like vellum, but here is the positive, it takes wet medium and maintains its integrity, doesn't tear
Example 1 below using some super Art By Marlene Elements

Then there is the DURA-LAR Wet Media Film, which is basically a clear transparency type plastic, but the beauty of this baby is that of course it takes alcohol inks, but it also takes acrylic paint, and it doesn't bead, its double sided and cuts cleanly.
Example 2 Below using Dinaey Media -Scribbly Birds Stamps

So basically since I have scored this Dura-lar, I have not stopped playing with it.
Example 3 Below
I have a stamped a Tim Holtz Palmistry hand onto the Dura-lar using Staz On and painted the back of the image using a "Santas Flesh" Cermacoat acrylic paint.(yes that is its title)
* if you matt medium over the duralar image, you will remove the gloss and glare from the image.

Using some fab goodies from Scrapping Clearly

 I have thrown together a quick video to show you how I created this piece above and 
how I have used the Clear Wet Media Dura-lar.

Thanks for Dropping in on the Scrapping Clearly Blog today

 Ill be back very soon with another Mixed Media Update.

Lisa xx


  1. Amazing Lisa - being a fan of anything Clear I can’t wait to play with Dura-Lar.

  2. Love it !! Lisa you’re on fire and Kylie I’ll be putting in an order .