Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Some Boy Time

Seeing as I very stupidly rolled both my ankles and added a fracture to the left while I was at it, I am using an older page I have prepared earlier. LOL

I am off my feet for 4 weeks, so I thought I better do as I am told for the first week at least.

Here are some background papers I found on the shop page that I think will work wonderfully for the layout.

I took my chipboard cogs and I embossed them with Ranger Antiquities Verdigris embossing powder.
I also used a copper colour on the bottom corner piece under the photo.

I have used these Memory Maze Cogs and also a selection of metal cogs and gears.

Other Metal pieces I grab when I am at Bunnings too, hooks, nails, nuts and bolts all come in handy.

I Placed some elements under the photo, I covered the main part of the photo with a paper towel, then I took some black house paint and dipped the wooden pointy end of my paint brush into it gave a really good stir. Lift it out (and be quick and confident) make a circle motion around your focal area. I like if it goes over the photo but as long as it is not on anyones face LOL. You can do this more than once until you are happy with your paint swirls. I used the end of the brush to put some extra black dots around the layout too.

Now you glue on your top elements and title and unlike me some journally if you like.

thanks for looking

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