Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Gel Plate backgrounds

Break out the Gel Plates and lets have some fun.

This is a new toy for me and I am hooked.
It doesn't matter which size or brand you have they all do the same thing.

Also use any of your acrylic paints and see how they go.
You do not want them to dry too fast and I like the Dina Wakely media heavy body paints.
Get together a selection of templates or stencils and some paint combs too for texture. A couple of brayers or flat paint spreaders.

On my gel plate I used Dina wakely Turquoise 

I added the two blues first and used a brayer to spread them out. I then added only a small amount of the Lime and very gentley and randomly brayered that too. I took a toothed comb and created some swirls for texture. I then took a piece of bazill marshmallow (mixed media grade cardstock) and lifted a print from the gel plate.

I then created the layers with a white paper doiley, some resin feather stickers. Heidi gold word.
Asst'd flowers from my stash. Flairs and veneer.

Here are few more of my attemps that I did on the day for later use.
You can do more than one layer on your prints, just wait for them to dry before you add a contrast. Also do more than one print before adding more paint to your gel mat, the so called ghost prints are usually the more interesting ones.

Thanks for looking
Happy crafting