Friday, 27 October 2017

Happiness on my mind- Details of an Art Journal Page

Howdy Folks , Lisa here with a Friday Mixed media update , 
Today I am sharing with you how I bring a little more detail and fine tuning to an art journal piece.
For this example I'm using a piece that I started at my friend's place last week, and I didn't get too far with it on the day, so yesterday I got to revisit and pimp my page.
I'm using a small Dylusions journal, I do have to say, that I used to see people using the smaller journal
and question, why exactly one would want a smaller journal rather than a bigger one. Now, truth be told, I am slightly addicted to this size atm, I can take it anywhere and less size means using less, and quicker results.

 The Background is really just a few rubbed through stencils to create some easy marks in black and then I added scallops and circles of pink neon Golden paint, a Dina Wakley scribbly face stencil as the focal point,
some Jade Prima Impasto, and a paintbrush from the new Kinder Kreations Art Stash stencil,
(ask Kylie to order it if you want it - I am addicted to mine atm
* also featuring in next weeks blog post.)

 I have used the Dina face stencil as a guide line, and cut the face shorter (so it wasn't as long) by adding extra jade impasto. I then added a little more detail and colour into the face with white Liquitex gesso, and a magic pencil-(Stabilo black Aquarelle), a blue posca for the eye, and a white sharpie for the catch light,
also a little pink paint for the lips.

 I added a little more detail around the page by imposing more marks on freshly painted Prima apple green impasto, and then detailed it with a black Fude Ball pen when it was dry.

 I also added an extra row of scallops, a little detail on and down the side of the brush, and a touch on her lips, in impasto pumpkin, to bring more colour and layering into the piece.
At this point, I added the journaling down the side and the title "Happiness on my mind".

 A little more pen detail around the face and eyes, eyelashes etc... and I am happy with the results.

Thanks for dropping by the blog,
 I'll be back next week with a new mixed media update.
Big Birthday Cheer to SC's owner and all-round wonderful creative, Kylie.
Will see you next week to celebrate together.... Wooo hoo bring on the 


  1. Another inspirational page Lisa :) I prefer small journals too - for exactly the reasons you mentioned!

  2. I'm going to try a smaller format, although it might just give me less excuses to clean my desk *eyeroll!
    I love the way you put your whole colourful self into everything you do, cannot wait for Gundy!