Sunday, 9 September 2018

{Try some Dina Wakley Acrylic Paint}

Good morning everyone I hope your weekend has been great, the weather is finally starting to warm a little here so its been nice to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy some time to create.

Today's product share is the awesome 

Dina Wakley Paints..........

These paints are definitely a favourite by crafters.

The first range came out in 2 oz tubes with an awesome range of colours including 4 metallics.

Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints are artist quality, opaque paints. Richly pigmented, these paints feature a thick buttery consistency that holds brushstrokes, peaks and tool marks and can be easily smoothed. The paints blend well with other Media colors, creating an endless palette. 

and of course even more colours are available in the range now 30 in the range.

These are some of the awesome artworks Dina has created with her paints.

Dina also designed a fine Tip Applicator which is easily screwed onto the paint tube to create an awesome drawing utensil see how Dina uses the tips HERE

While Dina was here in August she advised us that Ranger are no longer distributing the paint tubes its a real shame as they are great value for money and are great to fill up our little bottles when they are empty - I know I will be stocking up  on them before they are obsolete.

Here is a mixing chart for your reference 

The new release of paints in the same colours came out in these cute little 1oz bottles which are great for travelling with ..... as I already said they can be easily refilled with the tubes and of course they have their very own mini applicator also.

ALL DINA PAINTS CAN BE FOUND HERE on the Scrappinclearly Website

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