Friday, 11 November 2016

Scrapping Clearly Inhouse

Good Morning Blog Lovers , Lisa Here with an SC update .
Currently sitting in a swish hotel on St Kilda Beach ,
 attempting to upload this blog post and battling with the incredibly slow in house wi-fi.
Yesterday my man and I made the dash south to the beautiful state of Victoria ,and not forgetting that Gundagai is basically the half way point for me and what better reason to call in and check out the amazing array of product that Kylie stocks .
I don't have ant art to share , but I do think that Scrapping Clearly is in itself , a work of art.
so today I am sharing a little walk through the shop.
I hope you enjoy the experience.
# this post does not show the expanse and amount of product available. merely a peek.
and If you saw my Instagram video yesterday in the art room.. yep . how impressive is that.
for those that missed it, go here
now back to the shop

thats Hambly transparency folks ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

 I hope you enjoyed the peruse of the establishment, I know I cant wait to get back there .
Now if she could just lock me in the mixed media room. I would never have to leave .
Thanks for dropping by, see you next week.


  1. Loved the walk through, what a fabulous shop! Hambly! I love that stuff & haven't seen it for years. So much drool worthy stuff, I reckon a second shop on the Central Coast should be the next step in SC evolution ;)

  2. Ohhhh stop it some more!!! So much gorgeousness! I want to live there.
    Thanks for sharing Lovely x

  3. Wow, wow, wow and more wow. I need to visit soooo bad. Or perhaps a Tassie branch that I could run :) :) :)

  4. Girls - don't forget you can order online!!!
    Yes Jaimie Hambly is da bomb - and Lisa uses it constantly in her creations!!

  5. You have made me so envious Lisa. would love to visit in person one day!!! Look at all that gorgeous stash!!!