Friday, 16 February 2018

Abusing Certain Art Supplies

 Good Morning bloggers,
Lisa here with a Friday mixed media update.
Today I'm sharing with you a couple of pieces I created last weekend at a rad local arty retreat.
 I am using a Stencil Girl face stencil that I happened to spy in Shirley's stash and
 I had been wanting to create with for some time now.
 Big Love and thanks to Shirley for allowing me to use and create with a part of her stash. Retreats are a perfect place to get to know new creative peeps and to feel the art love by sharing one's stash
- don't you know it retreaters.
Now, as far as abusing certain art supplies, I am not talking about getting all verbal with your stash, although this can happen, rather putting a stash item through its paces and getting the most out of those certain supplies.

 I started in my Dina Wakley Art Journal
using the Burlap page, I stenciled the image with a sponge and DWM black paint.
Then detailed the face with skin-toned acrylics and gesso.
It needed something different to give the work a little more substance.
A few old-school brads (the faces of shock when I asked for brads was a moment I won't forget) brought a little body jewelry to the work, as well as some Colour Blast Steel texture paste across the forehead
which added an eastern touch of mystery.  

I need to go back in and fix up the colour within her eyes,
I'm just loving the effect on the burlap. and yep, it's brown.

 Wanting to make the most of this wonderful stencil,
 I scanned other items to transfer the image onto.
Our retreat hostess had supplied the room with these cool Burlap bags
with our goodies in, so it was a no brainer to use these too.
I think I created about 12 or so for those who wanted a simple black image.

I decided to paint my bag and give her a little more detail.

 And then a quick class was added,
each bag a little different to the next ...ahhhh unique works.

 While I had this stencil, I thought I'd add a few more images here and there to work on later.

 One for an already started background in my Dylusions Journal
and a colourful series on Dina Mixed Media boards .

And then Shirley gave me the stencil.
ok, I may have put it through its whole life stage in about 2 hours.
But it's an awesome stencil if you can get it... Kylie, hint hint.
BIG LOVE to you Shirley for sharing your wonderful stencil with me,
 I promise to use it and give it arty love and goodness.
Thank You, I am very grateful.

Thanks for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly blog today.
I will be back next week sharing another Friday mixed media update.

Lisa xx


  1. You did amazing work with that girl... she sure pumped your creativeness - it was awesome to watch ;)

  2. Ha ha! Thank you Lisa for inspiring me in all your classes. It was awesome to watch you create.
    I look forward to attending more of your classes soon.