Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Layouts using only mixed media supplies....

Hi everyone, Happy new year. It' s Ebony and this is my first blog post !
I am excited to be able to share a layout I have created recently using some awesome mixed media products from the store. I find myself producing more art pieces these days than scrapbook pages so I decided to create a page inspired by my own art pieces.
 So here is my layout and I will explain what products I have used as we go ....

I have started with some marshmallow cardstock which I have roughly covered in gesso just to add strength to the cardstock and to stop it warping as much as I have used a large amount of water.
Before my gesso dries I take a sharp object like a piercer or knife and scratch lines, or patterns into it. When it dries you can see these designs and after adding your paint or ink it highlights these designs even more giving your work another layer instantly.

Then I always seem to start my pieces with this paint and this colour. It is a must have in your stash and I must say Dina Wakely paints are my favourite....

I take a large brush of water and just brush it over where I am going to work , You could use a spray  bottle also if you prefer. I then add some of the "night" acrylic paint that I water down a little bit to make into more of a fluid.

I then use just a brush with water on it to fan out my paint a little to my desired effect. Then I dry.

Now to add more colour......

I have  used this "Art Anthology spray, Siesta key".
I have again added some more water to my work with a brush in places I want this colour. I then sprayed the colour onto my craft mat and applied in the same way as above with a brush adding more colour and water to get desired effect.

I then added this colour in the same way. It is also an Art Anthology spray called Barbie.

Now its time to add some finer details. I always use these materials to do this. You can do whatever you like but I like to do dots , stripes, circles and scribbles. I also added in this case so dots of paint again with the " Night" acrylic paint .

Then I added my title, journaling and some more detail this time with another favourite product of mine "neo Crayons". These are perfect for not only details in your work but adding colour. You just draw and paint over with a brush or aqua brush.  The aquarelle pencils are also a staple in my supplies and are applied just like the crayons.
It is a good idea to work out where you are going to put your photo before doing this step.

 Adhere your photo and any other bits and pieces you like such as word stickers or enamel dots.
Backgrounds like this are not only fun but quick and easy and can be prepared in a bulk lot if you were going to a retreat. You can use the background as your base and then use anything else you fancy from your scarp stash.
Hope you enjoyed and Ill see you soon!
Eb xx

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