Sunday, 5 September 2021

Sunday Reflection with Emma.

Happy Sunday everyone.
Emma with you today reflecting on some of the past layouts I have created over the years for ScrappingClearly. It's really good to look back and see the growth, techniques and products used over time.
Of course where would we be without Our amazing ScrappingClearly shop to continue to supply us with awesome products and brilliant Inspiration form the monthly moodboards. 
So for today's share I reflect on these older layouts. Some are great and some are ok....and that's what I love about looking back. It's seeing progression or a reminder of a technique I had not played with in a long time. Lets step back and have a small wander of some of these past projects.

Let's start with this one back from July 2018 - 'Admit Weirdness'. I really love this page and the colour. It's a page that reminds me of being brave with colour and trying new.

'Amaze Yourself' was created back in October 2018. I think I love this page because of it's simplicity but also the colour choice. The black stripes are certainly something I need to introduce back into my scrapping.

Here are the black stripes again! Defiantly need a revisit. 'Perfect the way I am' layout from June 2018. This one is a little bold in using the black which usually scares me. I remember using a new stamp I had received from Aall & create, and how I still love this brand till today. I also can see how far I have come in my photo skills and editing 😉

This next one comes from July 2019 - 'Surround yourself with Tacos'. This is where I felt more refined in my scrapbooking. Controlled stamping and considered layering. A different level of creativity was achieved when I ponder over this one.

'Look for the Magic' was created in April 2019. This is a layout that I really saw my work take a change in direction, more subdued colour and a real want to connect picture to background to all the elements on the page. This is a style I still reflect today. 

And the final one for this Sunday reflect is 'Sweet Specimen' created earlier this year in February 2021. 
This page is one of my fave creations this year. It feels more me and has a touch of sophistication. (for me anyway😜 ).
This style has become me, I find myself creating projects in a similar style and I love it. 
Now that I have reflected over a few projects I know I want to revisit older techniques I haven't used for awhile and see what direction my art will go again.

I hope this has inspired you to look back over your past creations and try something old again.

I will see you all very soon.
Have a great day everyone.
Em xx



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