Friday, 30 June 2017

A Quick Art Journal Page.. Lets Keep it Happy and Bright .

Howdy folks , Lisa here with a Friday Mixed Media update .
Today I'm sharing a quick Art Journal Page completed in my Dina Wakley Mixed Media Journal.
Bright and colourful,this one was just to promote some flow and take my mind off the fact Miss 20 has just head off into the big world to follow her dreams ,which of course I am super stoked about, but still the  Mother within can't help but be thinking about her.
So this piece is a distraction piece for me,fun,quick and colourful
I started with a little Dina Turquoise and Golden Lime neon paint and a Dina Cellular Stencil.
then layered some more paint, Dina Yellow, Magenta and Liquitex Gesso.
A few circle stamps with Dinas 6 Pack of circle stamps and some black Stazon ink 
 I added a few more details with a little random papers laying across my messy art desk.
Then busted out the Dina Scribble Sticks and hit the page with a few lines and scribbles,
 just to tie those the 2 pages together .(Everything should connect in some way)
 For the focal point I have maintained the Dina theme and found a first issue Dina stamp.
and stamped this onto another contrasting piece of painted cardstock , 
then used the same card to cut 2 circles to also tie the theme and overall look together.
 More random doodles and scribbles with a black fude ball pen .
 I am going to add a little more personal journaling to this piece,but this is where it sits atm.
 Thanks so much for dropping by,
I'll be back next week with another mixed media blog update .
Lisa xxx

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