Friday, 23 June 2017

Perfection Is Boring

Howdy Bloggers , Lisa here with a Friday Mixed Media update .
I've been on holidays,teaching over in South Australia, then back here for a retreat and teaching in the Hunter Valley , and in between home to rest and create for myself .
Ahhhhhhhhh,free flowing creating, just for me.
Or rather,my head telling me.just get paint on the canvas and play with colour.
nothing perfect,because Perfection is Boring.
I want to credit 2 Artists I caught up with while I was in SA
,for inspiring me and reminding me,
that every person who creates has such individual style and that owning it,
is possibly ones' best creative tool.
Thank You Both x
For this piece,I just needed to play, to unwind and layer in colours So I started with a warm Tangerine and Magenta background , because there was passion and fire in my belly to create ,and then just started building colours using the Dina Wakley Media product range.
I have to say that I just love those little bottles of colourful goodness 
and my collection is slowly growing.
I added a few pieces of printed tissue paper,and a scrap or 2 of Moroccan die cut paper
 using Liquitex matt medium to adhere it then a little faded stencil work
 and again added more colours and details .
Its all about building the layers. I may have made a few muddy mistakes here and there , 
but the joy of acrylics allows for excellent cover up and reworking.
 Here is where I finished , the piece, now gifted to a friend , who has a love of colour and fun.
Do you struggle to make things perfect on your pieces of creative goodness?
Here's my theory ..........
Perfection is made by machines and super incredible ,
insanely talented fine artists,of which I am neither.
So I relax and enjoy just making Art, because doing something...doesn't matter what it is,
doodles, painting ,playing with photos and embellies, 
is truly showing your own individual creative talent.!
 Run hot on all those ideas you have floating around in your head,
 Its your creative brain talking to you.. if you think,just it do it, don't procrastinate ,
 because 9 times out of 10 you will come back to that first idea and love it .
So remember, Perfection is Boring and mistakes can lead to incredibly quickly relaxed creative flow 

Thanks for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly Blog ..
I'll be back next week with a new Mixed media update .
I hope you have a super creative weekend with lots of fun creative ideas and smooth mojo flow.

Lisa xx