Friday, 12 May 2017

Nothing Perfect , Just Art Therapy

Howdy folks , Lisa here with a Friday mixed media blog update .
Big love and thanks to Peg for filling in for me last week.
Back this week with my only creative venture in that last 2 weeks, due to work responsibilities.
Those times, when you just need to get paint on a brush and do something to release some creative energy and flow for your own sanity and stress relief. -------Yeah That. 
Nothing perfect , just a little art therapy.

Here is what I did.
Starting with a wet liquitex gesso'd canvas,using a skewer I scratched in some simple words about releasing creativity and flow , to get myself into the mindset of enjoying the process and just having fun.

  I then added some tissue paper using Liquitex Matt Medium, and took to the piece with a Moroccan print stencil and Dinas paints  a few stabilo circle drawn on loosely.
 time to add some striking contrast to shake it up and punch in some colour.
 a little scratched in words while the paint is wet, a few more stencils , working around my piece, always turning it and adding some juxtaposed detail.
 A little fluid movement with some Liquitex acrylic ink and
 a water sprtizer to get the ink moving on the canvas 
I love using the liquitex acrylic inks,because they set and don't reactive like other inks.
 Pumping up the colour with a little more acrylic paint and time to step away and evaluate .

 This is where it is atm, I 'll go back to this piece when I have time and add a little more,
or negative paint into the piece to find something a little more interesting.
Thanks so much for dropping in to check out this weeks mixed media fun.
Ill be back next week for a blog update .

Lisa x


  1. I want to play too now. Your energy is so inspiring!

  2. Wow Lisa amazing thanks for sharing definitely inspired me 💛