Monday, 8 May 2017

Rainbow box with Amy Prior

Hi there Scrapping Clearly fans! Amy Prior back with you all today sharing this quick tutorial for how I decorated a plain box from Kmart for my daughter's bedroom. She is very excited to store her trinkets inside...

Step 1: Cover the entire box with Liquitex Gesso to prime the surface. The box originally was woodgrain with a grey lid so I wanted to ensure I had the entire surface primed and ready. 

Step 2: Scrape some Colour Blast - Colour Paste - Sunshine and Colour Blast - Colour Paste - Rose Petal randomly over the top of the lid and sides of the box. Allow to dry slightly.

Step 3: Scrape some Colour Blast - Colour Paste - EnvyColour Blast - Colour Paste - Deep Water, and Colour Blast - Colour Paste - Tangareen Dream in random spots also then allow to dry slightly.

Step 4: Scrape some Colour Blast - Colour Paste - Just Blue and Colour Blast - Colour Paste - Lipstick to finish off the colour then allow to dry completely. Use a heat tool if needed or just sit aside to dry naturally overnight. Colour pastes dry very quickly but obviously the thicker the application, the longer it will require. Overnight is always a safe bet.

Step 5: Now that the colour paste is all dry completely, grab a Ranger Black Archival Ink Pad and literally rub the ink pad directly over the entire painted surface. This will blacken the fun texture that was created with each scrape of paint. Don't be afraid to press harder, if the first application of black does not contrast enough for your liking. 

Step 6: When the Archival ink is completely dry, rub some Dorlands Wax Medium over the entire painted surface. The Colour Pastes dry slightly tacky so this will help avoid anything sticking plus it will help with cleaning in the future as water, etc. will be instantly repelled by the wax.

This box is no longer dull but full of life and the perfect addition to my daughter's arty rainbow inspired bedroom.

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