Monday, 18 February 2019

Playing with Gel Prints

I felt like getting out the gel plate yesterday and just having some fun.
I watched a facebook demo with Birgit Koopsen and I couldn't wait to try it.

You will need your gel plate , brayer and paints and some templates.

First step is to lay down some base colour, I went with something dark with most of them, so that I could contrast and see the details easier.

Do a few prints to remove the colour from inbetween your shapes on the template. I used Deli paper for this step. That way you also get prints to use later in your art journal. Templates with big open spaces work best for this technique. Do not remove your template. 

Now go back in with a sponge and add contrasting colours back into your open spaces.

Lift your template off and do your final print. I tested the first couple straight into my art journal before I tried it on cardstock for a layout.

I swapped to the 12x12 gel plate when I was ready to try backgrounds for scrapbook layouts.

The last one was my favourite so here is the finished layout, clean and simple.

Thanks for looking .


  1. Love this Tracey thank you for sharing

  2. Awesome Tracey love each one and fabulous Birgit Inspiration

  3. Looks amazing- I love the prints you've pulled from the plate 😍

  4. Wow. I have had my gel plate for months and have never used it but you have inspired me to have a go. Thank you Tracey

  5. I love love love that background

  6. Oh wow Tracey, love these prints you pulled off, im not good at all with my gel plate, ive had it forever as in 3years or so and only really pulled it out to use recently so not that great at it, and your LO is OMG WOW, this I love