Monday, 4 February 2019

All about the Layers

Hi Peeps,

This is my favourite style by far, I love all the little eclectic bits and pieces I can glue together.

Of cause I am inspired by anything Finnabair does and her products.

All of which you can find here in the shop.

First I choose what I would like the focal point to be, a photo an object etc. In this case it was the resin oval given to me by a beautiful scrapbooking sister.

The stencil in the background is from KinderKreations and products can be found in the shop here.

I just grab metal,resin and plaster pieces when I see them.
I also have Prima moulds that I can make and use over and over again.

The next step is to cover the collage in white or black gesso. I used white in this one as I wanted a lighter brighter finish, not dark and moody which you can achieve with the black gesso.
For example like below.

With this canvas I chose some of my Lindy's Stamp gang Sprays you can find some in the shop here. I sprayed them in and around the hard to get to places in the layers. Let these dry completely.

I then finish off the project with alchemy acylic paints and waxes.

I thought I was finished here but I went back in and added more rusty tones and warm colours to add a little contrast.

Sometimes it pays to walk away from a project for a day or two and come back with fresh eyes. 

Thanks for looking.


  1. Gorgeous...looks stunning. I love the stencil and pieces you have used too.