Friday, 13 July 2018

Completing #the100dayproject

Howdy bloggers, Lisa here with a Friday mixed media update.

I have finished #the100dayproject.

Over this challenge, I have reinforce my own creative style,
 became much more confident at knowing where I am going on my pages
 and have built a select portfolio of 100 plus works that have bulked out my journals.  
Today I'm sharing with you a few of my final pieces from the challenge.

Contemplation- Day 92

Big shout out to the incredible woman who inspired this artwork below.
If you haven't seen any of Debs work, stalk her now.  

  Art Fixes Everything - Day 95

This one used a few different products to achieve the overall look I was hoping for.
I started with Acrylic Inks, which set when dry.
 so there is no reactivation when you go to paint over it. 
Scrapping Clearly have a selection of Acrylic inks here.
I also resurrected my black house paint to get that black drippy random line thing going.
So for those that have a supply from my dreamcatcher classes, 
its time to play with house paint again.

Stickers from FlutterbyDesigns

Big Love To Love - Day 96

Kinder Kreations Fluer de lis Stencil
Flutterby Designs Love Stencil

Be Enthused- Make Today Amazing - Day 98

Smile Because It Happened - Day 99

I Hope - Day 100

Kinder Kreations Brush and Quote Stencil
Flutterby Designs Love Stencil

Thanks so much for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly Blog today.

Lisa xx


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your 100 days of inspiring creativeness!

    1. Thanks Gina for your kind words and support through the challenge.

  2. Love, love, love seeing your style develop and solidify while still playing with new ideas. Your use of colour is sublime, no-one does it better!

  3. I have loved watching this journey and being totally inspired by you. xxx

    1. Thanks for contributing to my pages and being a fab supporter of my arty goodness. X

  4. I love mix media Friday’s with Lisa Oxley thank you for sharing on scrappingclearly blog xoxo

  5. I have loved watching all of your amazing and inspirational videos hun xx