Friday, 22 June 2018

The Power of Tattoos and how to create your own tattoo images.

Howdy Folks , Lisa here with a Friday mixed media art journal update.

Finding fresh ideas can come in many different inspirational forms.
 Like coming across this Kat Von D Tattoo book of one of my girls,
 instantly inspiring my need to get my collage technique flowing.

Ahhhh the beauty that can be found on bodies around the world, wearable art,
 Tattoos are personal and unique for they
 assist the wearer to be able to express their own creativity, through art.
And if you source some cool tattoo images,
its a simple way to create high impact in your journal.

Get this..... Art Within Art.......yep...mind blown.

Basic Product list 
(I use this around most of my focal points to add a depth shadow)
Magazines and highly colour saturated books.

This last piece I created to show that you don't really need a tattoo image.
Be your own tattoo artist and create upon any image using Rub Ons or just hand drawing in permanent pens and makers. Its an easy technique, quick and fun. Definitely give it a try.

Thank for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly blog today.
Ill be back next week with a new mixed media update.

Lisa xx


  1. I am on the hunt for tattoo mags now awesome idea thanks Lisa and I will be looking at other images a bit differently too.

  2. I cannot love this more!! I am going around to my mates place to steal some of his tatt mags on the weekend now! Thanks for the constant inspo Lisa! XX

  3. I have had a tattoo mag on my shelf for a couple of years now and had no idea of the potential.. thank you fir the inspiration Lisa.. you rock!

  4. Awesome post Lisa - tattoo mags will be working out the door at local newsagents 😊