Friday, 29 June 2018

Make A Statement and Express Yourself.

Howdy Bloggers,Lisa here, it's Friday which means sharing
 some inspiration through the joys of mixed media.
Today, I am sharing a few pieces from the #100dayproject.

Playing in ones art journal can be great therapy,
 especially when you are thinking about bigger things, life issues and battling internal demons.
Ones art journal gives you a place to release those thoughts and angst through words and art.
Here's a few pieces from this last week, that I have created in reaction to things happening in my life. Its a way for me to process and release without taking it on internally/physically.
I art it, then let it go.

Love is Universal

 Every Artist......

Basic Product list 
(I use this around most of my focal points to add a depth shadow)
Magazines and highly colour saturated books.

She Stood in the Storm.

Thanks for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly blog today,
 I'll be back next week with a new mixed media update. 

Lisa xxx