Thursday, 28 June 2018

Fun with spray colour

Hi Guys,

I was given a couple of colours of to play with from the shop

I was really happy with how they sprayed, nothing worse then when they jam. These sprayed lovely.

Take a piece of  Bazill marshmallow  because it is heavy weight it can take the wet medium.

Choose two of your favourite stencils/templates to use on your background or choose a new one from our extensive range here.

I used a word style template first with the Barbie colour, dried it off. The I chose a floral design and only sprayed across the centre with the glorious (yellow).

This is a great design to use up your scraps of colourful prints. Be aware also that they do not have to run the full length under the photo, you can cheat and add shorter pieces to the top and bottom.

I have finished off with some cheeky word grabs and a flair.

Have fun creating girls and I truly loved using the Art Anthology Paints.


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