Friday, 2 March 2018

Play Days in my Art Journal

 Howdy bloggers,
Lisa here with a Friday Mixed Media update.

I've been busy playing in my art journal for the last day or two.
Inspiration is working its magic within my head and I feel an overwhelming need to create while I can.
As life is so short, who knows when I will have this time again to create without distractions.
It's not even so much that I have a specific directive other than just create and enjoy.

Today I'm sharing a piece I started on one side of my book,
that ended up being a double spread.

 I started with a small Dylusions art journal, and using some 
DWM and Dylusions acrylics I splashed paint across the page.

 A few pieces of cut up paper were added using Matte Medium and a little more paint, then
a contrasting strip of black paint to add drama and give me a journal point.

 Random marks using Posca Paint pens and a white correction fluid pen.

 I always do a double spread, so I don't actually know why I only started with a single.
Getting to this point, I extended the play through to the other page
and created a balanced look to my overall design.

 And a few other pieces created over the last few days...
 Check out my Instagram and Facebook for super quick process videos for the pieces below.

Thanks for dropping by the blog.
I'll be back next week with a new Scrapping Clearly MM update.


  1. Gorgeous, bright and colourful, I'm liking the second two how you've kept some of the white background

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  3. Full of vibrant colour - adore adore xx