Friday, 23 March 2018

Then and Now - My Evolution as an Art Journalist.

Howdy Bloggers,
Lisa here with a Friday Mixed Media Update.

Extra work days for me don't really allow for much creative time and although I did fit in
a couple of journal spreads, I didn't really photograph anything along the way.
But today I'm sharing with you a blast from the past.
While searching for something to blog about, I was scrolling through FB, and
in one of the groups I'm a member of was a post about sharing your first ever journal page and your latest.

I then looked at my first pages and thought about my progression and journey through Art Journalling.
 So today I'm sharing just that. My 1st ever journal pages, completed in 2011.

I sort of put away my art journals and they didn't really resurface them for a few years 
and then in 2014 I took a few classes and my passion was tweaked again.
With my ever growing art supplies from my scrap stash wanting to be played with more and more,
I had the tools, but found myself a little stuck for ideas and flow.

I would like to credit a few influential people who assisted and inspired my creative journey.
Paula MacMillian Perich for sharing her techniques.
Jane Davenport for providing cool classes.
Louise Nelson for serious inspiration and for being a unique artistic talent.
Dina Wakley for her free flowing relaxed arty pieces.
and to Kim Price, who gifted me an online LifeBook class that helped me lift and grow creatively.
 Of course Youtube is a ripe source of inspiration.
Here a few people who inspire me creatively with their updates
Taking in these inspirational videos feeds my creative soul, as does Instagram
(but that's another post).

So from the evolution of my first pages, 
I now feel much more confident to create art journal pages without stress and with flow. 
Here are some of my latest pages.

For this page I have used a mix of Golden and DWM paints,

Thanks for dropping by the Scrapping Clearly blog today,
I'll be back next week with a new Friday Mixed Media Update .

Lisa xxx


  1. I wanna be as good as you at Art Journaling when I grow up... love your work.❤

    1. I definitely think you are right now Bronny x