Friday, 1 September 2017

Which Artist Inspires you ?

Salutations Bloggers , Lisa here with a Mixed Media update .
Today I am sharing with you the last circle journal ,I have completed in the Scrapping Clearly Circle Journal Swap. And that is the last one ,I have to complete in this swap. 
I really enjoyed the swap process and putting in some heartfelt creative goodness into the pages of each and everyone of the journals that past over my art desk .
The theme of this Journal was Inspiring Artists.
I picked the incredibly talented Australian Artist 
Del Kathryn Barton
Winner of the Archibald Prize in 2008 and 2013.
With so many wonderful layers and details to Dels' incredible work that I am just enchanted by
 the magic of each piece of her incredible work.
 I had planned to just print a few pics and talk about why her work inspires me, but the instructions in the journal asked each participant to attempt to paint in the style of the artist , 
so that is what I did, well sort of .
 I started by rubbing off some DWM paint through a stencil to add some subtle layers to the background , then roughly drew a form and using Liquitex Gesso painted that form onto the page.
Now its all about layering into the piece. More paint, pen, and pencil.
I have a new pen passion,
The Jane Davenport Inkredible Pen.. oh my lordie -insta love.
So a little more detailing with paint , my new pen , prismacolour pencils , a trusty white posca
that rad paint brush stamp, and some cutting of extra photos to add a little collage style Del into my own work, and I was happy with the result.
I have added the 2 artworks that inspired and where used within my Del attempt.
I just love the freedom of Collage style creative fun.
 I finished the piece with a few paper clipping from an article about Del and a
 Thickers Black font title .
I am curious what Artist/s inspires you ? 
Definitely leave a comment to share your inspiring artist/s,there are just so many to choose from.
Thanks for dropping by the SC blog , 
I will be back next week for a Friday MM update .
Lisa xx


  1. Fabulous Lisa , love all the details. Hugs. Tracy x

  2. You! You inspire me to create! Your energy is boundless and your love for all things colour excites my creative spirit.
    But here are some others too....
    and Sage Barnes, but I think you introduced me to him.

    1. omg Peg ,Sage Barnes , I forgot about him.. sexy and super talented swang ,
      the other 2 woooozers.. inspirational overload

  3. wow, wow, wow!! these pages are amazing - you inspire me Lisa!!!