Friday, 28 April 2017

Inspired by the Master

Howdy bloggers , Lisa here with a Dina Wakley inspired Mixed Media update..
For me, Dina inspires me like no one else. Her lose flow and colour choices,
Her messy approach and design ideas.
I'm a believer that "Art reflects the individual" in so many ways,
 and if you get a chance to meet Dina you really get to see that colour and happy life flow,
 when she teaches and gives her heART to the class.
Her inspiration has given life to my own creative journey, her products enhance my love for colour and her work allows me the freedom to add that "arty'' feel to my own pieces.
This week,with limited time,I just needed to create something to make me happy.
 Recently I purchased these Dina Wakley Media Art Satchels and had them laying out on the table.
Taking inspiration from the largest satchel I put together this quick art journal page as a warm up. 

I used 
Sharpie white paint pen
tracy scott stamps 
CWS stencil

I'm having a little arty love affair with Dinas Scribble Sticks and Flower Stamps at the moment.
For me , creative time is about play and experimenting to see if it falls together or dies, 
so down time is sometimes putting together simple lines , colour and elements, 
just to actually get something on the page that makes me happy .

 I used
Thanks so much for dropping by and checking the blog ,
I'll be back next Friday with a new mixed media blog update.

Lisa xxx


  1. LOVE!
    How you play inspires me so much, your joy of life is so obvious in your celebration of colour.

  2. Gorgeous work and beautiful pic of you girls.