Friday, 3 February 2017

One Warm Up Canvas

Howdy Folks , Lisa here with a mixed media blog update .
I am home from glorious Gundagai ,after a wonderful creative sharing start to 2017.
\Sometimes when your creating , one has so many ideas floating , that just getting one onto paper or canvas can be super rewarding....just  actually doing it..
even if it doesnt work out the way you envisage  .
And yesterday was all about trying to work on an idea or 2 and 
loosen up by introducing some free play for me and having fun with colour and shape.
Here is my process.
 I grabbed a 40 x 40 cm,and busted out the paints and painted a concave shape upon my piece.
I started with blue...The colour of communication.
then i started layering different coloured acrylic paints ..
my favs are 
 After drying time I added a little tissue paper using Liqiutex Matt Medium
and stencil work with black acrylic paint 
I am at a point where I'm playing with a few ideas with this one..
I have visuals of a affirmation in large font, following the concave shape of the paint.
This week I have been playing with Butterflies, so a few in random placement told me that I really need those words to make this piece pop.. I'll be back next week to show you the results .
Oh feel free to offer your ideas for this one .!!
Thanks for dropping by.
See you next visit.
Lisa xx

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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous. I am love with this one, Stunnning.