Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Gallery Wall Arrow by Lauren Hender

Welcome back to the Scrapping Clearly blog.

Today I have a fabulous beyond the page project to share with you.
I had a great time putting it all together and although it looks a bit tricky each step is actually simple to do.

Heidi Swapp is the feature product designer of this project.
See below are some the main products I used to create this project.
How stunning is the screen stencil!  

Step 1 is to paint your arrow with a base colour. The paints that I have chosen to use are the Annie Sloan chalk paint. Any acrylic paint will do provided it does not have a high gloss finish.
If you are in the US Heidi herself promotes a company that produces chalk paint, so stop by her Instagram account and see if you can track them down.

Step 2 is to dry off using a heat gun. You will want your project to be really dry before applying the next coat.

Surprise surprise, step 3 is to apply the top coat.

Next step (4) is to sand off the edges to let some of the base coat through. This gives a nice rustic feel. The sandpaper I use is quite fine. I find it works best and takes off just the right amount of top coat.

 Now the fun begins.. Step 5! Using the screen ink stencil and some Heidi Swapp screen ink paint. Apply the paint. To do this I did the top of the arrow and the bottom of the arrow, left it to dry before doing the centre. This meant that I was smudging the wet ink in that I had already completed. I used the minc screen ink as that is all I have but I know that there are a range of colours available to choose from.

Step 6: Once the ink is dry sand of the edges again, dust off with a cloth and apply a top coat. I have used some wax featured below but a sealer of some type will do the trick. Remember to give it a buff to achieve a nice professional finish.

Step 7: Using the HS clips and chains set I measured out along the arrow where I wanted to set my hooks. I then cut the chain to my desired length.

Step 8: I thought I would have been strong enough to screw in by hand the hooks but I should have known the HS timber is top quality and hard, so therefore I had to call the hubby to help create the holes for the hooks.

Step 9: I then fired up the minc and foiled the centre piece for the project. This is one of the HS Minc products available to purchase. It comes in a set with others and I assure you, you will love them all.

Step 10: Sit back, peal off the foil, do a happy dance because it's just like magic and soo pretty!

Step 11: Using some sheer white ribbon a made two holes in either side of page and poked the ends of the ribbon through. I tied a knot to secure it and tied the two other ends of the ribbon into a bow which will sit over the centre hook.

Step 12: Aww so pretty lol

Step 13: I then clipped my two photos on and put the chains on the hooks.
I was so pleased how it turned out.

So lets go shopping for all you need..

Hope my beyond the page project has inspired you to get a little messy.

Lauren xo

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