Friday, 25 January 2019

Easy abstract florals inspired by Alisa Burke

Howdy Bloggers , Lisa here with a Scrapping Clearly mixed media update.

Today I am sharing a quick abstract floral page that was inspired by the amazing 
Check out her wonderful piece below.

I always find its nice to start ones creative day with an easy warm up.
Creating abstract florals allows one to let go and relax into simple shape and colour play.

I started the piece by drawing over my Jane Davenport Journal page with a mega black sharpie, and using a white out correction pen or white posca, jotting down the random thoughts in my head.
Over that, to add some warmth to the background I added TCW Gold Gesso.

Out comes the acrylic paints and using a similar method to Alisa, starting with lighter coloured circles shapes, I worked up to darker shades for the centre piece of the flower.
Then I was all about adding more blooms, in different colour shades.

I quite like the result, for a fun expressive warm up.
Give it a go, Its a wonderful way to relax and create a colourful start to your day.

Ill be back next month with a new mixed media update.
Thanks for dropping by.
Lisa xx

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