Friday, 22 September 2017

Organize a visit with your Grandparents, Today .

Howdy Folks , Lisa here , Its Friday and today I'm not really sharing a mixed media update,
 More a reminder about what family gold awaits you, if you organize a visit to your grandparents house, of course ,if you are lucky enough to still have them with you.
Yesterday, My gorgeous Nanna/my Dads mum, turned 95 years old. 
She is incredible for her age and still sharp and mobile, and if you remember,
 5 years ago she suffered greatly in a nasty car accident, which was actually filmed on Kings Cross RPA (much to her embarrassment), she is incredibly inspirational to me and 
I feel blessed to come from such tough stock.
During most visits the old photos come out, and each time, new treasures emerge.
 Like this photos one above of Nan with her sweet cats eye glasses
 resting on Dads Holden HK Monaro ... 
 My Mum , Nan and cousin Ben at my brothers wedding ,
 early 90's...(yep , those hairstyles and shoulder pads )

My Brother and his best mates just minutes prior to his wedding.

 golden old school photos of us as kids 

 To me, finds like this, with my dads handwriting are priceless. 
Dad passed away when I was 3 yrs and 9 months old. :( heart sad still :(

We lived at Solitary Island just off the coast of Coffs Harbour,
Dad was the youngest head lighthouse keeper in Australia.

 Capturing the moments sharing stories and experiences 
 Don't forget framed photos too, the one above, is my Great Grandmother Ida , whom I never met .
the one below,my Mum and Dad on their wedding day,with our school photos surrounding.So sweet.
 As it was her Birthday, and what usually happens on a visit, we walk over to her Local pub in Surry Hills - The Shakespere- and do lunch. She is a legend, negotiating the aging footpaths, the splayed out comatosed drug addicts and the roadworks from the light rail that run down her street.
If I make it to 95, I hope to have a small amount of her spark and moxy .
Thanks so much for dropping by the blog , I will be back next week with a mixed media update .
Have a great weekend, and if you are close to family, go visit and ask them to bring out some old photos, because years ago, multiple printing of photos was unheard of, and you are bound to find visual gems that you may have never seen before, just waiting to be photographed and scrapped.
Happy Birthday Joyce Oxley, you legend . We LOVE You. x


  1. Oh LIsa - this is priceless - thank you for the memories and reminder to all to seek out those hidden gems xx hugs xx

    1. Yes. FAMILY gems. And the gold of our lives. X

  2. Lovely Lisa....I am fortunate to have lots of old showing the grandchildren..I have scrapped some of them...grandkids love the stories that come with the pictures..I can remember my grandmother getting out her box of photos when I was little to show me..I loved it ..scrapping some of them now.

    1. I loved reading that Rosslyn. The stories to link the photos are such gold for each family. Thanks for sharing and happy scrapping today. X

  3. Totally what makes life meaningful to us all, photographic evidence of these connections is just so precious. And then to be able to put them together with the stories of times past. You are blessed. xx

    1. Yes absolutely . She is so funny.. tells me she cant remember, then will recount the story anyway.