Friday, 7 October 2016

Frida Kahlo Exhibition

Howdy Bloggers .
No mixed media update today as I've been flat out with work and 
no time to create before today :(
I've have been to the Gallery this week .
Its been on my list for ages,to get to Sydney to see the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition.
So one Wednesday ,with 4 days till it closes we made a lightning dash to Sydney.
Today I'm going to share a couple of my favorite pieces from the showing .
This one above , was at the gallery Titled " the Miscarriage."
Frida herself left this particular Lithograph piece "Untitled" and yet the art scholars decided that it required a name so the title of  "The Abortion" or "The Miscarriage" was used .
The emotion within this piece is palatable. 
The tear drops ,The light and dark of herself ,
The 3rd arm connected to the paint palette ,
the umbilical cord fixed to the fully formed fetus.
and again , her tears ..
Definately enlarge it so you can see the detail and angst of the subject in this piece 
 Sketches from her time in New York During her back surgery
The exhibition featured not only paintings but a collection of photographs from different photographers , including her father who was a professional photograher.
this photo above is Frida Seated , painting her "The Wounded Table" masterpiece.
" Diego on my Mind"
During Fridas career she painted 65 self portraits 
Self Portrait With Monkeys 1943 Oil on Canvas

Thanks for Dropping by, see you next week for some colourful arty goodness.
Lisa xxx

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  1. Thanks for the run down, I loved that exhibition too, so intimate!